We are here to help provide multiple resources for our accounts

Our team has a large network of professionals in this industry that are excited to work with you. Allow us to point you in the right direction and help you get your feet off the ground. 


Individual Services

Services that are done singularly and not part of an overall package. 

Development Consult

A 30 minute consult dedicated to discovering areas of opportunity and how Elevate can help your business thrive. These are required before any non-project work can be started.

Clinical Documents
Starting at ​​$50.00 Each

Complete consents, questionnaires, and treatment instructions to be used within your aesthetics practice. Choose from a wide collection of documents that cover majority of the industry's common procedures. Each document is branded to your specific clinic. For an additional charge per each, Clinical Documentation can also include Charting Capacities that include dot phrases for quick charting, and a complete protocol that has been drafted and backed by an aesthetic medical director.

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate at which any work is completed that does not pertain to larger projects such as Jumpstarts, Deep Dives, or other Elevated Solutions.

Employee Handbooks + Compliance
​​Starting at $100.00

Ensure your company is on the right path to expansion with documents and packets designed to make the hiring and management processes easier. Each document is a flat $100.00 with customizations available to you, dependent on your state's labor laws. Enforce policy and detail benefits unique to your business needs.

Pricing Structure 
with Market Evaluation

Starting at $300.00

Have a customized pricing structure developed specifically for your clinic with consideration of your current area's pricing as well as your experience in the industry.

Website Development
Starting at ​​$1,500.00

Dream of your website and we will build it for you. With experience with a wide variety of website platforms, Elevate will help you every step of the way until final publication. This project includes the first twenty hours of work, anything additional is billed at $50.00 per hour. Does not include regular maintenance post publication.


Elevated Solutions

Projects and resources that are designed to maximize efficient workflows and create ease in your practice.

Aesthetic Record Jumpstart
​Starting at $1,500.00

A full development of your EMR system. This package also includes six hours of hands-on training with a designated staff member to learn the system and its optimizations. Depending on the size of the system and integrations, accounts can anticipate roughly five to seven business days for full development.

Practice Insights
​$300.00 per Month

A monthly subscription that opens four hours per month for you to collaborate with Elevate on how to grow your business. This platform welcomes feedback on how businesses can incorporate new practices, have a brief overview on overall profitability, and allows you to pick the brains of the experts at Elevate APD. 

Promotion + Profit Calculator
​$100.00 Initiation

​+ $30.00 Monthly

Optimize your practice’s opportunity for growth and profit. Input key variables into the calculator and receive an assessment of your promotions and pricing to determine maximum profitability. This calculator also considers provider wages for the most accurate profit margins. This project requires a monthly subscription to continually use the resource, in addition to the one time Start Up Charge. 

Reconciliation and Performance Report Algorithm

While this algorithm requires a generous amount of user input from one of your clinic staff members, this Excel Sheet has the capacity to calculate sales per provider and for the whole clinic, assess discounts given, total monies collected, and an overall assessment of clinic profits.
This tool is not recommended for those using a MedSpa EMR.

Treatment Plan Generator
​​$2,000.00 Initiation
+ ​$200.00 Monthly

Automatically generate fully comprehensive treatment plans, allowing patients to address a number of concerns and treatment options. Following guidelines that your clinic outlines, qualifying treatment plans may be eligible for optimal savings, while still generating a healthy profit. This project requires a monthly subscription to continually use the resource, in addition to the one time Start Up Charge. Accounts using this application will get complementary Practice Insights as part of their subscription

Injectables Inventory 
+ Patient Retention
​​$500.00 Initiation
+ ​$25.00 Monthly

Track all of your inventory for cosmetic injectables from a single app. Simply enter each treatment in your log to run reports to keep a hold of your current stock on hand, maintain lot numbers, and even assess when patients are due for their next injectables appointment. This project requires a monthly subscription to continually use the resource, in addition to the one time Start Up Charge.

Home Prescriptive Builder
​​$1,000.00 Initiation
+ $50.00 Monthly

Patients starting a new medical-grade skincare regimen may feel overwhelmed at first. Simply input the products your patient is starting and Elevate will immediately create a simple and easy to use outline for patients to use at home, equipt with instructions on how and when to use their new products. This project requires a monthly subscription to continually use the resource, in addition to the one time Start Up Charge. 

Patient Relations
​​$100.00 Initiation
+ ​$30.00 Monthly

Optimize your booking capacities and patient relations by notating which patients are wanting to see your providers sooner. This tool can also be used to monitor patients who have purchased products and are on an IOU list. This project quires a monthly subscription to continually use the resource, in addition to the one time Start Up Charge.